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About Josh

My name is Josh Buchanan and I’m a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to life experience. I’ve lived all over the place – from the four corners of the US to Hawaii (but don’t worry, Alaska is still on my bucket list!) – and have had some pretty diverse careers too.

I’ve served as a nuclear electricians mate in the US Navy submarine force, worked as a handyman and industrial maintenance pro, dabbled in marketing & media team management for a few startup companies, and even a stint as a software field engineer in the oil and gas industry. But the work I enjoy the most is making websites work for my amazing clients.

All of these experiences have given me a unique perspective on how to connect with clients and build websites that truly serve their customers. And speaking of connecting with people, I recently had the amazing opportunity to travel the US full time with my family. We saw so many different landscapes and sub-cultures and it really opened our eyes to the beauty and diversity of our country.

Traveling is not just about seeing new things, but about how it changes the way we see the world. And now, after all of our adventures, we’ve settled down in the Reno, NV area. So come on in, take a look around, and let’s see how I can help you build an amazing website that will make your customers say “wow!”.

Not all those who wander are lost

J.R.R. Tolkien

Full Stack Developer

New Site, Migration, Themes, Plugins100%
Customization, Payments, Shipping100%
Back End Development
Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP95%
Front End Development
HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, React.js90%
Hosting Configuration
Servers, Domains, DNS95%
Web Image Optimization
WebP, Imagick, File Naming90%
Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, Premiere90%
Grand Canyon Selfie

The Cooperative Workflow

Project Exploration


Initial Contact

Use the form at the bottom of this page to contact me and describe the work you need to get done. I will email you back ASAP and we can begin to work out the basic details of your project.


Project Scope & Quote

Once we have determined the scope, deadline, and possible start date I will provide a quote and contract for the project.


Contract & Advance Payment

When you accept the conditions we sign the contract and you send advance payment, usually 30% for projects longer than 3 working days.

Project Execution


Project Specification

After the specifications are received and the progress check points / payments are agreed upon, I begin working on the project.


Iteration & Acceptance

At check points we will evaluate the project to make sure it’s on track and you can describe any edits or changes to want to see. Large or many changes may adjust the final price of the project.


Project Delivery

After edits and changes are done for the final iteration and you accept the project, I transfer all source files to you. You own the source files.

Project Maintenance


Delivered Project Learning

I make sure to give you the resources you need to understand and maintain your newly delivered project.


Maintenance & Support

Optionally, I can provide maintenance and administration of the completed project to ensure code updates and data security.



I hope that if you are a satisfied customer and will consider leaving a testimonial or maybe recommend me to a friend!

I’m ready, let’s go!

Some Projects
I Have Worked On
WordPress DevWooCommerceCustom ThemeCustom PluginCustom eCommerceMaintenance PlanTroubleshootingHostingImage Optimization
Clean Arc Power Logologo_devspace_dashboardextensionhandymanengineeringauto_fix_high
colohouse logologo_devspace_dashboardextensionhandymanengineering
Creative Talent Booking Logo on Blacklogo_devspace_dashboardextensionhandymandnsauto_fix_high
Owens Bonding Co Logologo_devspace_dashboardextensionhandymanengineeringauto_fix_high
cropped accidental aliens text logologo_devshopping_cartspace_dashboardextensioncredit_scorehandymanengineeringdnsauto_fix_high
TeachLogic Logo Full Color Horizontal Rlogo_devshopping_cartspace_dashboardextensioncredit_scorehandymanengineeringdnsauto_fix_high
cbd naturals logologo_devshopping_cartspace_dashboardextensioncredit_scorehandymanengineeringdnsauto_fix_high
Clar8ty logologo_devshopping_cartcredit_scoreengineering
my club 8 logologo_devshopping_cartspace_dashboardextensioncredit_scorehandymanengineeringdnsauto_fix_high
iso sport performancelogo_devshopping_cartspace_dashboardextensioncredit_scorehandymanengineeringdnsauto_fix_high
canaceuticals logologo_devshopping_cartspace_dashboardextensioncredit_scorehandymanengineeringdnsauto_fix_high
bliss melogo_devshopping_cartspace_dashboardextensioncredit_scorehandymanengineeringdnsauto_fix_high
fast cbdlogo_devshopping_cartspace_dashboardextensioncredit_scorehandymanengineeringdnsauto_fix_high
hemp rainlogo_devshopping_cartspace_dashboardextensioncredit_scorehandymanengineeringdnsauto_fix_high
health waterlogo_devshopping_cartspace_dashboardextensioncredit_scorehandymanengineeringdnsauto_fix_high
tru spectrumlogo_devshopping_cartspace_dashboardextensioncredit_scorehandymanengineeringdnsauto_fix_high
karma logo2logo_devhandymanengineering
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Work Experience

Web Development



Kannaway is the original CBD multi-level marketing company and pioneered the way for many CBD companies to follow. I managed the media team, did all the web development, all the product photography, created marketing campaigns, and took care of everything technical.



Isodiol was a larger startup in the hemp/CBD industry. I managed the media team and did development for multiple websites, including a completely custom multi-level affiliate marketing website built with WooCommerce.


Carlsbad Naturals

As a contractor for Carlsbad Naturals I did everything tech. I created a website network which included 13 different eCommerce websites linked together with a common shopping cart, that was a challenge! I built the local web server and custom VoIP network from the ground up, produced 3D product renders, and the product assembly line.




Bostik is a flooring adhesives company where I performed maintenance on the industrial equipment. It was extremely demanding because all the equipment was covered with either sand or industrial glue. This is when I decided to take my hobby and switch careers to web development.



This was my handyman business. I did all the work, and managed all aspects of the business including, marketing, scheduling, inventory, accounting and anything else that comes with a small business. It was very successful up until the housing crash in 2008.


US Navy

I was a nuclear trained electrician on the Louisville SSN 724 in Hawaii. I operated and maintained electrical systems for the nuclear fast attack submarine in the Pacific theater.



Construction Business Management

This was a college course I took to help with my handyman business. I learned about all aspects of running a construction company from marketing to managing labor and completed the course with a 100% grade.


Navy Nuclear Propulsion

Nuke school was a very demanding 18 months/9 hours a day of high level math, physics, chemistry, nuclear theory, and nuclear propulsion plant operation. I completed the school graduating in the top of my class.

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